According to Chris Eichmuller, CPA this tax season can be your most effortless one yet with some simple organization tips:



Getting your files and receipts together before filing your taxes can seem like an overwhelming job. The truth is, staying organized is an everyday habit instead of a yearly task, and it can make your accountant’s job much easier for both of you! Here are a few tips to making your tax return preparation smoother.

  1. Give your documents a home. D

Tom Krause, CPA shares some networking experiences and warns of the possible pitfalls:



I recently came across this article, which has some great advice concerning networking or potential new client meetings not only for CPAs, but any service provider. Some of these points appear to be rather simple, but they make a big difference when you are trying to make an impression. I can think of a few instances where a simple thing had a terrible impact on the overall netw Read More >>

Dennis Dlugosz, CPA, gives his thoughts on a great read for small business owners:



Title: Appreciative Leadership – Building Sustainable Organizations

Author: Jack Ricchiuto


Human nature is a wonderful thing; it makes us who we are and separates us from all other species. Human nature also predisposes us to always be looking for what’s wrong and striving to correct and improve upon our weaknesses. As humans, we spend so much time thinking about what we Read More >>

Lisa Satonick, SPHR, SHRM-SCP explains why you can’t undervalue this social networking tool when you’re recruiting new candidates:



As small business owner, you wear many hats. Your ever-shifting role may even take the shape of the company recruiter, and anyone who has the task of recruiting knows it’s a full time job.  Recruiting a quality candidate is only successful when you build a network of contacts and prospects who trust that you have the Read More >>