Sal Caroniti, CPA gives advice on making the right choice in the face of stress:



What they say is true: with success comes adversity. As a small business owner or high net worth individual, you probably already know this all too well. Being confronted with stressful situations is nothing new; in fact, it’s likely a recurring part of your everyday life.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen people succeed and fail at handling a stressful situation in their business. I f Read More >>

Al Harsar, CPA gives a tip on donating to charities tax-free:



Good news for those who donate to charities!

With the PATH Act of 2015, our government finally made permanent a beneficial part of the code for 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organizations: the ability for an individual to roll over a portion of their Traditional (taxable) IRA directly to a charity of their choice- tax free!

The donor does not have to cash out the IRA and pay tax on it before donating the proceeds. Read More >>

Molly Stinn, CPA, gives advice on successfully building your presence in a niche market:



Google “niche marketing articles” and you’ll get hits on all kinds of advice. Strategies for successful niche marketing, why niche marketing matters, ways to ace niche marketing – the recommendations are endless. How do you know where to start? I doubt that there is one perfect way to go about segmenting your market and setting strategy, but I do know that there are things Read More >>

James Kilgore, CPA gives a summary of this year’s identity protection hot-button items:



It is the unfortunate truth that fraud is ever-present in this day and age. Last year, Ohio combatted a record number of fraudulent tax returns, and our clients deal with telephone and email scams all of the time. This year, there have been a few developments in identity protection- read on to see what’s on the horizon as we ramp up for Tax Season 2016.

The IRS protects ag

Dennis Dlugosz, CPA, on planning for the best 2016 possible:



2015 is long over, and you had a great year- lots of growth in revenue and net income for your company.  Time for some much needed rest and relaxation, right? Wrong! Don’t lose that momentum; carry it over to start off 2016 with a bang.

Planning in good times is just as important as in leaner times.  Your organization has to be agile and mobile to adapt and change to whatever circumstances come throughout th Read More >>

Ann Emery, CPA outlines the keys to valuable savings on college tuition costs:



The rising cost of college tuition can seem insurmountable. However, there are savings opportunities and planning strategies you can take advantage of, and your CPA has the knowledge to help! Here are three ways to make the cost of college tuition less cumbersome:

  1. Education Credits: Education credits are available for qualified tuition and/or related expenses. You can take an A