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Tuesday 02/23/2016

Making Decisions in Stressful Situations

Sal Caroniti, CPA gives advice on making the right choice in the face of stress:     What they say is true: with success comes adversity. As a small business owner or high net worth individual, you probably already know this all too well. Being confronted with stressful situations is nothing new; in fact, it’s […]

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Tuesday 02/16/2016

Tax-Free Charitable Donations: Here’s How

Al Harsar, CPA gives a tip on donating to charities tax-free:     Good news for those who donate to charities! With the PATH Act of 2015, our government finally made permanent a beneficial part of the code for 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organizations: the ability for an individual to roll over a portion of their […]

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Tuesday 02/09/2016

5 Things to Avoid When Creating Your Niche Plan

Molly Stinn, CPA, gives advice on successfully building your presence in a niche market:     Google “niche marketing articles” and you’ll get hits on all kinds of advice. Strategies for successful niche marketing, why niche marketing matters, ways to ace niche marketing – the recommendations are endless. How do you know where to start? I […]

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Friday 02/05/2016

2016’s Identity Protection Outlook

James Kilgore, CPA gives a summary of this year’s identity protection hot-button items:     It is the unfortunate truth that fraud is ever-present in this day and age. Last year, Ohio combatted a record number of fraudulent tax returns, and our clients deal with telephone and email scams all of the time. This year, […]

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Tuesday 02/02/2016

Start off Your Year with a Bang

Dennis Dlugosz, CPA, on planning for the best 2016 possible:     2015 is long over, and you had a great year- lots of growth in revenue and net income for your company.  Time for some much needed rest and relaxation, right? Wrong! Don’t lose that momentum; carry it over to start off 2016 with […]

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