Sean Brady, CPA shares some key benchmarks that may indicate it’s time for an audit:



“The times, they are a-changin’,” is not just a title of a well-known Bob Dylan song. It’s commonly indicative of why your organization may need an audit.

Audits are typically brought about by change, primarily a change in the stakeholders. To clarify, we are not talking about the “dreaded” IRS audit. Instead, we are talking about a f Read More >>

Sal Caroniti, CPA has some advice for any business owner considering an advisory board to assist with their company:



It’s no secret to a business owner that small businesses often face resource limitations. For example, the small size of the company may mean there are not enough margins to be able to absorb full time, executive-level personnel. Because of that, many small business owners today rely on an outside advisory board for valuable insight and Read More >>

Carleigh Machock, CPA knows first-hand the hard work and dedication that goes into achieving a major goal, and has some tips to pass on:



As I was wrapping up my studying one Saturday night at a local Starbucks, I was stopped by a man who recognized the Becker study book I was packing in my bag. “Are you studying for the CPA exam?” he questioned. He continued, “I was going to go into accounting in college, but got my law degree instead. I didn’t want to have to take that exa Read More >>