Brian Weisbarth explains the growing local opportunities in the manufacturing industry.

Today’s workforce is ever changing; baby boomers are retiring at record rates, technology is changing every day and millennials are getting more and more  involved in the work force.

For most, the path to the American dream is earning a college education followed by a job in the related field of study (if you are lucky).  Today, college graduates are leaving school with an average st Read More >>

Robert O’Neil, CPA explains how to determine which entity is best for your situation.

In the months after the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law, we’ve received many questions from business owners regarding the new 21 percent corporate tax rate and if it applies  to them.  In almost every case, the response is no because they either were a partnership, S corporation, or a disregarded entity for tax purposes.  In all three of those entity structures, the income pas Read More >>