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Thursday 08/30/2018

College Savings (529) Plans: The Benefits and New Rules

John Saccardi, CPA explains the recent changes to 529 Plans. College Savings Plans (529 Plans) can provide great tax benefits to people trying to save for their children’s or grandchildren’s college education.  These plans can be set up for just about anybody though (a relative, friend or yourself)! Prior to the Tax Cuts and Jobs […]

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Thursday 08/23/2018

Accounting Internships: What to Expect

Chris Eichmuller, CPA explains what students can expect from their first accounting internship. Today, many colleges require students to complete an internship as part of their course work to earn their degree. If you’re considering a career in accounting, landing an accounting internship will allow you to gain valuable experience and help to determine your […]

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Thursday 08/16/2018

IRS Urges Paycheck Checkups

The IRS is strongly encouraging everyone to perform a “paycheck checkup” due to recent tax law changes. The Withholding Calculator helps you make sure you have the right amount of tax withheld from your paycheck. According to the IRS, there are several reasons to check your withholding: Checking your withholding can help protect against having […]

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Thursday 08/09/2018

NFP Financial Reporting Changes Series: Topic 2 – Functional expense changes and cash flow statement changes

Topic two rounds out our NFP Financial Reporting Changes series! To recap, in 2011 the FASB began a project to improve Not-for-Profits’ (NFPs’) financial reporting after concluding that the existing standards are sound but that it was time to determine improvements that could be made.  In 2015, the FASB presented its findings/improvements to the public […]

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Thursday 08/02/2018

Back to School Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend!

Chris Eichmuller, CPA has information about the “Back to School” Ohio sales tax holiday. Ohio’s annual tax holiday starts this Friday, August 3 and ends Sunday, August 5 at midnight. During this time, approved purchases are exempt from sales and use tax. Items that fall under the exemption are as follows: An item of clothing […]

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