Chris Eichmuller, CPA is a senior manager at Corrigan Krause.

In 2019, we learned about revolutionary new methods of cleaning and organizing our homes and workspaces. We here at Corrigan Krause do not recommend throwing away everything that does not spark joy – as that would likely make your 2020 tax season even more difficult than it needs to be! Here are a few more tips for making your 2020 tax return preparation smoother:

1. Find a home for your documents.

This could be

Looking at Leases with Molly Stinn: A Six-Part Series

Molly Stinn, CPA, is an Equity Director at the firm.

The new lease standard presents sweeping changes in the way we think about and record leases in our financial statements. Previous blog posts have discussed elements of the new standards specifically. Understanding the impact of the new standards is essential, but determining a game plan will make the implementation process go much more smoothly.