A G400 Designation Gives Corrigan Krause a Leg Up

What is the G400, you may ask? Molly Stinn, CPA has the answers:



I just returned from the 2016 AICPA G400 Conference in Denver, which was an insightful and inspiring meeting of firms like ours. The G400 is a wonderful resource for CK, and I want you to know more about it.

The American Institute of CPAs first recognized Corrigan Krause as a G400 firm in 2015. The AICPA identifies the largest CPA firms in two groups: the Major Firm Group includes the 100 largest firms, while the G400 rounds out the next tier of 400 firms. Based on the number of CPAs employed, the MFG and the G400 represent the largest 500 of nearly 40,000 firms nationwide.

Designation as a G400 firm is not merely an honor. Inclusion offers Corrigan Krause state-of-the-profession access to thought leaders, practice management insights, and client service tools. In our efforts to bring constant improvement, innovation, and energy to our clients and firm, CK members attended the 2016 AICPA G400 Conference in Denver this week, bringing back all kinds of ideas and new contacts to enhance what we do every day. Thank you to our clients and associates for all you have done to enhance our growth, affording CK the opportunity to participate with these industry leaders.

We’re excited to share what we’ve learned as we work with you in the future!