What Our Clients Say

We believe our team grows and improves through constructive feedback and insights. We survey our clients regularly to learn more about their experiences.

- Rick Hatton, E.L. Hatton Sales
- Al Adams, Chief Operating Officer

Corrigan Krause always makes you feel like you’re the only client they have and you’re the most important person when you’re talking to them.

We feel valued, our needs are being met and we know Corrigan Krause is being efficient with our money.”

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- Trevor Cost, President

“Corrigan Krause can become an invaluable resources for you. In the 30 years that we’ve been working with them, they haven’t just done our accounting. They’ve been our advisors and a resource we can reach out to.”

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- Donna Shurtleff , Chief Financial Officer

“I recommend Corrigan Krause frequently and often to any business owner that I come across. Biggest reason is great service, depth of knowledge, obvious competency, all the things that should be typical, but aren’t consistently typical with other firms.”

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- Richard Hummel , President

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