Real Estate Services Group

Real estate is an exciting and sometimes unpredictable industry. The professionals at Corrigan Krause are here to help guide you through the variety of opportunities and challenges of day-to-day business and help you plan for growing your organization in the future.

Real Estate Services Solutions

From developing a portfolio of properties to navigating like-kind exchanges, our specialized team can identify ways to help meet your goals and objectives to achieve growth and sustainability. With so many factors affecting the real estate industry, our Real Estate Services Group is here to help, providing you with solutions and strategies that will allow you take advantage of tax savings opportunities and manage your working capital.

Industry Specialization

Our Real Estate Services Group continues to grow and develop every day. Today, we are proud to serve more than 500 real estate clients across the country. Our clients range from single-property managers to multi-million dollar ventures, both residential and commercial. Our expertise can assist you in maximizing accelerated depreciation, minimizing interest deduction limitations, limiting capital gains and raising additional capital.

In addition, because of our dedication to the real estate industry and our broad client base, we’ve fostered respected relationships with banks, other financial institutions, and legal professionals. We’ll work with you and our network to ensure that your needs, together with the needs of your investors and lenders, are satisfied.

Meet Our Not-For-Profit Services Team