Tuesday 04/05/2016

Can a Roth Conversion Help You Retire Comfortably?

Al Harsar, CPA gives away the secret to making a Roth conversion work for you:



I’ve written recently about planning ideas specific to your IRA or Roth IRA. When it comes to your retirement account, the planning opportunities are endless. When you’re planning on security for your future, tax losses can seem like a major hit.

Having a year with tax losses can be stressful, even if the bright side is a lower tax bill. It’s important to contact CK to discuss ways to make years with losses work for you.

One way is with a Roth conversion. You may realize that a Roth conversion will cost you some current tax in exchange for the opportunity to withdraw retirement funds tax free in the future. Coming up with the current tax payments may seem daunting. But what if you executed your Roth conversion in a lower-than-average tax year?

Taking advantage of this opportunity makes a Roth conversion even more powerful. This article gives a good example of someone who took advantage of this opportunity. Give it a read, then call CK to discuss your own Roth conversion.

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