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Wednesday 03/23/2016

Make Sure Your Business Survives

Mike Bigrigg, CPA/ABV suggests a buy/sell agreement to keep your investment from failing:     When an entrepreneur begins a business venture, there are hundreds of tasks to undertake. Even after the business is up and running, the entrepreneur is often engulfed in the immediate needs of the Company: “How can I increase sales?” “At […]

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Your Employee Benefit Plan May Not Be Audited Correctly

Sheri Terens, CPA has information you may not know about the standards of EB Audits:     The Department of Labor requires that certain retirement plans be audited annually according to the auditing standards of the AICPA. These standards are designed to protect the retirement savings of millions of Americans. It is the responsibility of […]

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Monday 03/14/2016

Get Into That Routine

Aaron Apathy, CPA lays out the best routine for a useful month-end closing process:   You may have heard the saying, “If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.” It’s true. But how do you get into a routine of checking your numbers? The best way for a business owner to understand […]

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Tuesday 12/29/2015

Preventing Fraud is Easier Than You Think

Brian Weisbarth, CPA, CFE explains the easy ways your company can prevent employee fraud:     We had an interesting conversation at our recent Business Development Meeting. Shannon Cain and Cynthia Allen of Cain & Associates presented to us on trends in the forensic accounting industry. They asked how many of us had worked with clients […]

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Tuesday 12/22/2015

What is a BB Gun Worth?

Dave Long, CPA, CVA shows how his client had a first-hand experience with the value of an item and how it can differ drastically:     We can all agree that the “fair market value” of a standard BB gun is about $20.  Yet, if the right BB gun is sold to the right buyer, the “synergistic […]

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