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Thursday 03/28/2019

The Art, and Benefits, of Business Valuation

Derek Solomon, Senior Manager and David Long, Director, at Corrigan Krause In business, it is commonly known that “valuation is an art, not a science.” This essentially means that when creating a valuation analysis, it important to go beyond the numerical analysis and get to the story “behind the numbers”. This also refers to the […]

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Thursday 02/14/2019

Divorce Issues Through the Eyes of a CPA

David Long, CPA, CVA is a director at Corrigan Krause. Going through a divorce can be financially draining if you do not have the right team supporting your financial decisions. Settling a divorce agreement requires more than an attorney, especially if your wealth is at stake. Consulting with a public accountant is critical in steering […]

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Thursday 06/14/2018

3 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Side Hustle

Chris Eichmuller shares what you should consider when starting a side business. Are you considering starting a side business? The business plan is drafted, your concept is solid and you’ve acknowledged the time commitment and the financial risk. Now what? Where should you start? Here’s what you should know to set a strong foundation to […]

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Thursday 09/28/2017

Avoid Hefty Penalties by Filing Unclaimed Funds by November 1

Sal Caroniti explains who must file and the penalties for failing to report unclaimed funds.  November 1 marks Ohio’s annual unclaimed funds reporting deadline for all companies, with the exception of Life Insurance companies. What are unclaimed funds? Most commonly in savings or checking accounts, stocks, uncashed dividends, security deposits, IRS refunds and more, these accounts […]

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Thursday 07/27/2017

What to Consider When Starting a Business

Carleigh Machock provides advice on what to consider before and during your journey as a business owner. Starting a new business is a dream for people. Maybe you have a great idea for a startup company, but aren’t quite sure where to start or what you should consider. Aside from motivation and a strong will to succeed, there […]

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