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Tuesday 01/31/2017

A New Way to Think About Growing Your Business

Tom Krause, CPA has many tried-and-true tactics for encouraging business growth. He expands on one of them below:     Anywhere you look, there are tips given for growing your business: books, online articles, podcasts, and more. Many of these sources have helped our firm and clients grow in significant ways. Growth strategies I’m familiar with have ranged […]

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Friday 12/02/2016

Important Payroll-Related Changes for Employers

**UPDATE: This post has been updated as of 12/22/16** As we approach year-end, there are a few important updates to filing deadlines and rate changes to keep in mind. Shirley Wu, CPA explains:   New filing deadline for forms W-2 and 1099: Beginning with the 2016 forms (e.g. those filed in 2017), Form W-2 and Form […]

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Friday 11/11/2016

Have You Thought About Succession Planning Recently?

Mike Bigrigg, CPA/ABV recently gave a presentation on business valuations and succession planning. Here is what you need to know:     Two-thirds of businesses in the United States are owned by entrepreneurs over the age of 50. It is estimated that 10 million of those business owners will retire in the next 10 years. […]

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Tuesday 10/25/2016

This Tax Planning Strategy Can Save You Tons When You Transfer Your Business

Successful business succession planning comes with lots of planning. Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts, according to Tom Krause, CPA, can keep things simple and save you money.     There are a number of businesses that will be transferring ownership over the next ten years.  Why? Baby boomers. There is a large population of baby boomer […]

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Wednesday 10/19/2016

Have You Outgrown Your Retirement Vehicle?

Dennis Dlugosz, CPA shares his experience with retirement planning and offers sound advice:     Not long ago, I was like most Americans who start saving for retirement. My mindset was, “It is so far away- why worry now?” Now, working with businesses and individuals and witnessing my parents’ retirement, I can clearly see that […]

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