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Wednesday 10/05/2016

Consider Choosing Your CPA to be Your Trust Advisor

According to Al Harsar, your CPA can help with much more than just your tax returns:     Many people trust their CPA to prepare their personal and business taxes and to consult with them on important financial decisions. This makes sense since their CPA understands not only their tax situation, but is usually privy […]

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Tuesday 09/06/2016

Succession Planning for the Family Business Owner

Tom Harrison, CPA shares his tips for successful transitioning of a family business:     Succession planning is defined as, “Making the preparations necessary to ensure the harmony of the family and the continuity of the business through the next generation.” Succession planning may be the single most important process that a business owner enters […]

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Wednesday 08/10/2016

Business Valuation is an Art and a Science

Mike Bigrigg, CPA/ABV explains the inner workings of a business valuation:     I was recently giving a presentation at a local continuing education conference when I received an interesting comment in front of an audience of 200-plus attendees.  I had just finished a presentation on a few recent business valuation case studies and left […]

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Tuesday 07/05/2016

Get the Most from Your Accounting System

Sal Caroniti, CPA has insights that small business owners need when it comes to efficient and timely financial reporting:     One of the many attributes of a successful company is the ability of the accounting personnel to adequately, accurately and efficiently report its financial results to management and ownership.  Having an efficient and accurate […]

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Friday 06/10/2016

Why Your Will or Trust Should be a Priority

Lynda Doland, CPA, shares the complications that ensue for your family and loved ones when you’re not prepared with a will:     It is incredibly important not only to have a will or trust, but to also keep them updated.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s look at an example of someone who did not have […]

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