Consider Choosing Your CPA to be Your Trust Advisor

According to Al Harsar, your CPA can help with much more than just your tax returns:



Many people trust their CPA to prepare their personal and business taxes and to consult with them on important financial decisions. This makes sense since their CPA understands not only their tax situation, but is usually privy to family dynamics gained from close, personal conversations over the years. They are often viewed as trustworthy and competent decision makers. Understanding what clients want to happen with their wealth and its eventual disbursement is a key factor in that personal relationship.

An important role that you should consider for your CPA is to be your Trust Advisor to any trust you may establish, or to actually be the Trustee over the assets and financial decisions. The CPA will have learned your investment style and strategies over the years and will be able to act responsibly not only on the investments being made but on the disbursements to family members, friends and charities that you may have selected.

Considering how to manage your wealth for your heirs can be a daunting task, but your trusted CPA could be the answer.