Client Portal Reminders for 2018 Tax Season

Laura Lee explains the importance of using a secure portal and gives instructions for using ours:

As CPAs, we are adaptable to serve the unique needs of our clients. CPAs are expected to be flawlessly organized, trustworthy, and responsible in resolving client issues, and equally so in handling sensitive client information. The extraordinary level of responsibility that comes with acting as stewards of our clients’ most sensitive information has made the use of secure, Web-based client portals a necessity.

Our client portal offers a secure online space that allows you to conveniently send and receive files quickly and securely.   You can effortlessly exchange, store and organize files of varying sizes while staying compliant with data privacy.

Since most clients are familiar with Web-based systems – taking advantage of similar systems that have been in place for years to review bank statements and pay invoices – they are quick to embrace and adapt to the use of client portals. Below are a few tips to assist you in accessing Corrigan Krause’s portal.

Our portal is built in Microsoft Silverlight®. This is needed to access the main Portal interface and works best when using Internet Explorer. Please click here to download Microsoft Silverlight if you do not already have it installed.

To access the portal through Internet Explorerplease click here. Microsoft Silverlight is now only supported by Internet Explorer. 

  • Mozilla Firefox does not support Microsoft Silverlight.  Please click here to access the non-Silverlight portal log in.
  • Google Chrome does not support Microsoft Silverlight. Please click here to access the non-Silverlight portal log in.
  • Safari (Mac users) does not support Microsoft Silverlight. Please click here to access the non-Silverlight portal log in.

Technology is instrumental in creating more efficient processes that contribute to increased productivity and satisfied clients!  Please feel free to contact our IT department at 440-471-0816 for further information or assistance.