Construction Overview

What do you build? We help build businesses, specifically, their financial foundations. Because we understand the economic issues and operating environments of construction, we develop a safe and solid groundwork on which you can continue building success.


No matter the size or stage of your operation, Corrigan Krause has the tools to assist you in nearly every aspect of planning —from the jobsite to your overall management strategies. We are perpetually monitoring the changes in Washington and the Statehouse to help you stay on top the changes in regulations and tax policies affecting the construction industry.

The increase in value comes by knowing the model of a wide range of entities—from general contractors to specialized trades workers to residential homebuilders. Our expert financial team can identify ways to help meet your goals and objectives to achieve growth and profitability. On sure footing.

Solutions We Provide for Construction

  • Bonding Assurance Services
  • Job Cost Structure and Overhead Rates
  • Project Management Systems Analysis
  • Construction Contract Evaluation
  • Joint Venture Assessment
  • Production and Inventory Control
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Analysis
  • State and Local Tax Consulting
  • Estimating Systems Analysis


specialty spotlight

Dennis Dlugosz


Dennis specializes in the construction and manufacturing industries and has been able to provide a wide range of services for his clients. He joined Corrigan Krause in 2005 after gaining experience in the corporate accounting world and deciding he wanted to work with clients one-on-one, and has since worked his way up to a director.

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Eric Dorenkott


Eric is a director in the tax department at Corrigan Krause and started at the firm in 2012 as a manager. He specializes in working with closely-held businesses for corporate tax planning and consulting and works with many construction and automotive businesses. Eric also assists businesses with M&A transactions. Ultimately, Eric is passionate about helping small family businesses plan for the future by uncovering solutions to business obstacles that help them save money and plan effectively for taxes.

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Elizabeth Friswold


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Ryan Sklenicka


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