Driver’s License or State ID Number Needed for Ohio Returns

Lynda Doland, CPA reminds anyone filing a tax return in Ohio that a driver’s license is needed:



New this year, the Ohio Department of Taxation will require a driver’s license or state ID number on all electronic returns for tax year 2016. If the taxpayer has neither, they must declare so on the return. This information was previously optional until this year.

The driver’s license or state ID is now being required because the IRS and many other states are requiring additional information from taxpayers to help protect their personal information and to combat tax fraud. The IRS, Ohio Department of Taxation, and CK hope that this will eliminate identity fraud for all of our clients.


CK is asking all clients to provide a copy of their driver’s license or state ID with their tax return documentation sent to us. You will see this request in our letters when you receive an organizer or questionnaire shortly. Providing this information up front will keep your return from being held up in electronic filing. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this new change!


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