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From seminars in our offices to industry-specific presentations and workshops, Corrigan Krause loves to share our knowledge, tips and tricks with our clients and strategic partners alike. Visit this page regularly to see what we have going on and what’s coming up next!

September 21, 2021 at 11:00am

Cryptocurrency 201 – Using Virtual Currency in the Real World

In part two of our Cryptocurrency series, Gwyn Broski, CPA, MBA, Manager and Tim Monroe, CPA, Senior Associate, both from Corrigan Krause, discuss the different ways cryptocurrency can be used and the real world implications those activities have on an investor’s tax responsibility. Learn what kinds of activities are taxable events, how NFTs fit into the cryptocurrency puzzle, dive into decentralized finance and more during the moderated discussion where you’ll have the opportunity to ask Gwyn and Tim any questions you have.

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Our Strategic Alliance Education Series is back!

October 26, 2021 at 11:30am

Planning for 2022: What Nonprofits Can Do Today to Grow Tomorrow

Planning today helps build long term success. In this panel discussion, Corliss Taylor from Raymond James joins Al Harsar, Kaitlin Dorsch and Alex Ferrara, from the Corrigan Krause Nonprofit group to discuss where your nonprofit should focus as you plan for the future. Our panel will cover donor advised funds, board succession planning and building, short- and long-term budgeting, and more.

November 3, 2021 at 12:30pm

A Comprehensive Approach to Wealth: Preparing to Care for Aging Parents

The best time to start planning for your aging parents is right now. While it might not be a conversation you look forward to starting, it’s important to have an open discussion with your parents about their wishes for the future. Our speakers, Matthew D. Deliberato, owner and principal of The Deliberato Law Center, Lynda Doland, CPA, MT, Director at Corrigan Krause, and Brian Rees, MBA, CKE Financial, will discuss different financial strategies to help you plan for a variety of futures. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions.

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