How an International Association Improves a Business

In honor of MSI Month, let us explain how membership in an international association improves our firm every day:



Corrigan Krause is a member of MSI Global Alliance, one of the world’s leading international associations of independent legal and accounting firms.

How does membership in such a group help us do our job better? Let us explain.

MSI gives us an efficient and effective association framework that enables us to expand our business and call on the expertise of other Member firms around the globe. With our membership, we can:

  1. Enhance our support and offerings to our existing clients with all of the resources that our membership provides to us, such as conferences, development discussions, training, and specialized education
  2. Have access to quality firms offering reliable services with whom we can work together when a specific client requires it- for example, an overseas client
  3. Exchange knowledge and experience with other professionals in a non-competitive environment, thus expanding the expertise of our firm

These are just a few ways that our membership in MSI allows us to serve our clients better. Think about your business. Are there similar associations that you can join to expand your knowledge and capabilities? Consider joining such an association to improve your business.