Maintaining a Respectful Workplace

A fair, collaborative, inclusive, and respectful workplace is vital to the success of any organization. It is crucial that the leaders of the organization embrace this concept by living up to their core values, which should include these tenets.

While leaders set the tone, all employees need to be committed to supporting an environment where employees respect each other regardless of their roles or contributions to the organization. Respect is more far-reaching than just internally, because it helps to preserve the reputation an organization has in the public eye and with its customers. Employees that respect each other will lead by example when dealing with external customers.

Everyone is responsible for:

  • Recognizing and reporting disrespectful behavior
  • Addressing the behavior directly with the person engaging in disrespectful or abusive conduct
  • Bringing the matter to the attention of a Manager/Supervisor or the chain of command via your organization’s handbook
  • If the behavior continues, filing a formal complaint with the HR Department

Managers/Supervisors should always:

  • Support and encourage respectful behavior in the workplace
  • Take complaints of disrespectful behavior seriously
  • Immediately address all disrespectful behavior once reported or observed

Some basic behaviors of a respectful workplace include:

  • Treat everyone with respect, dignity, and courtesy
  • Do your work honestly and effectively
  • Always be ethical in your actions and behaviors
  • Handle conflict appropriately by addressing matters in a civil, professional and respectful manner
  • Respond promptly, courteously, and appropriately to requests from others for assistance or information
  • Be respectful of others’ beliefs and culture
  • Abide by the rules and policies
  • Demonstrate a commitment to personal and professional excellence
  • Be responsible
  • Focus on the positive
  • Don’t partake in cliques or gossip; remember that everyone has a battle they are facing

Always choose to be a leader and demonstrate appropriate and kind behavior in the workplace. A positive culture is cultivated with respect.

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