Don’t be Bashful: How to Navigate the Annual Career Fair

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Lisa Satonick shares tips on how to navigate upcoming Meet the Accountants nights.  

Every year colleges host career fairs to help students network and, more importantly, find a job!  This is a great undertaking for the colleges and lots of planning and preparation go into these events.  For most students, this is an exciting time to meet different companies, learn about career opportunities and present a flawless resume to launch the process of gaining an internship or securing full-time employment. Career Services departments work aimlessly to prepare students for the best outcome.  However, not every student is excited at the prospect of walking into a large gymnasium full of other students and employers. It can be very overwhelming!

Here are some quick tips to help alleviate the stress of the unknown and navigate through a career fair.

  • Be yourself!  You are most comfortable just being you.  Don’t try to be like others because the added stress of trying to be someone you are not just adds to the level of stress.  YOU are YOUR own best advocate.  Go and represent!
  • Be prepared! It’s simple and being prepared takes the pressure off and allows you to focus on the goal of the event.  Do research on the companies that are of interest to you.  Know what they do, come prepared with questions to ask and take time to learn about the opportunity.  Practice an introduction…no negative talk like “I am not good at these events” or “I am so nervous”.  Just smile, extend a handshake and introduce yourself.  Companies are there to meet you too! And they are super excited that you stopped by their table.
  • LOOK for opportunities to interact easily. Find the refreshment area and start interacting there.  It’s a good ice breaker area!  And then work your way around the event from there.  These events are meant to be fun and engaging and, while at first they might seem awkward, once you start walking around and talking you’ll get the hang of it.
  • ASK questions – if you see a company that interests you, stop by and introduce yourself. Have your resume in hand ready to share and start by asking if they are hiring interns or for full-time positions.  It’s an easy way to start a conversation with the representatives at the table.  They are there to help YOU and answer all your questions.
  • PRACTICE makes perfect! Make an effort to attend two or three events throughout the year.  This will allow you to become more comfortable at events like this.  Before you know it – you’ll be a PRO!
  • Always FOLLOW UP with those you meet at the event. It’s the best way to start building your network.
  • Have FUN! Make the best of a great event.


Corrigan Krause will be at three local Meet the Accountants night! We are always looking for candidates for our internship program and to join our full-time staff.


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