Performance Evaluations Don’t End After Reviews

Lisa Satonick, SPHR, SHRM-SCP reminds business owners that employees need year-round evaluation of their goals and performance:



One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is approaching the performance evaluation process with just a one-time annual meeting. While having an annual performance evaluation is better than no feedback at all, consistent feedback should carry on throughout the year until the next review. There are several reasons that keeping open lines of communication regarding performance is extremely valuable to the employee and the organization. For starters, it shows a genuine concern for the overall development of staff, and it allows the organization to align its strategic mission and vision with the career development of all employees.

There are several ways to provide constant feedback and to monitor performance throughout the year:

  • Discuss successful ways to meet goals at monthly staff meetings; provide encouragement during these meetings and tie goals into the company’s strategic plan.
  • After setting realistic and achievable goals, make a plan to follow up on progress. Your leaders/managers should know staff goals and should be held accountable to make sure staff are meeting goals and expectations.
  • Utilize your mentor program. Mentors should immediately meet with staff after reviews to work on a goal-attaining plan.
  • Leaders/Managers should schedule a quarterly 10 minute one-on-one with staff to just “check in.”
  • Provide the necessary training and/or development tools for staff.
  • Monitor progress after training, and document the progress.
  • Provide constructive and positive feedback when necessary, but as frequently as possible.
  • Track performance evaluation ratings from year to year.  They should improve!

Keep in mind that employees want to do a good job and they also want positive praise. By showing you care, providing the necessary tools for improvement, and by giving frequent feedback, you’ll create a valuable internal talent pool that can train and engage new employees while keeping the company moving in the right direction.

A little TLC goes a long way!