Stress Relief Tips for the Workplace

Lisa Satonick, SPHR, SHRM-SCP gives some ideas for keeping your staff motivated, even during the busiest times:



At an accounting firm, we are very familiar with busy times of the year. Tax season can be difficult, with long hours and lots to do! The best way to keep staff motivated and show that you appreciate them is to offer them opportunities to relieve their stress. Below, I’ve outlined a few ideas you can implement in your workplace.

  1. Provide a special meal. Not everyone will have an opportunity to leave the office for lunch, or if the hours are extra long, dinner. Consider catering a meal in the lunch room or a large conference room where people can come in, grab a plate, and relax for a few moments. Maybe, you could even break the mold and have a food truck stop by your office!
  2. Offer opportunities for relaxation. As the employer, show you care about your employees’ wellbeing by bringing relaxation to them. Hire a masseuse who can give chair massages throughout the workday. You could also have a yoga instructor lead an all-levels yoga class during lunchtime.
  3. Give incentives to make work fun. If there’s a great deal to accomplish, consider making it enjoyable for staff by offering incentives for reaching certain milestones. You can give prizes throughout one day or for a longer stretch of time. You may even walk around and pass out prizes just to show appreciation for all of the hard work!
  4. Make some exceptions on certain policies. For example, on days when you don’t have clients or customers in the office, allow staff to break the dress code and wear something more casual and comfortable. You could also have themed dress days, where everyone wears clothing representing their favorite sports team or college.

These are just a few ideas to break the tension during busy times. Get creative with your own ideas to show employees you care about their wellbeing and are grateful for their hard work!