Corrigan Krause’s staff participated in a Community Service Day at the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center (LENSC) in Bay Village, Ohio.

As a part of the Community Service Program initiated by Corrigan Krause, the staff is given a paid afternoon off twice a year to volunteer together for a local organization. In November, the staff had the option of volunteering at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, where they arrived with boxes of canned foods to donate in addition to th Read More >>

Al Harsar, CPA gives a tip on donating to charities tax-free:



Good news for those who donate to charities!

With the PATH Act of 2015, our government finally made permanent a beneficial part of the code for 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organizations: the ability for an individual to roll over a portion of their Traditional (taxable) IRA directly to a charity of their choice- tax free!

The donor does not have to cash out the IRA and pay tax on it before donating the proceeds. Read More >>