Chris Eichmuller, CPA, is a director at Corrigan Krause and the head of the tax department.

For many of us, 2020 was a year unlike any other. At Corrigan Krause, we are ready to help you get organized and guide you through tax season this year. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Find a home for your documents.

Create a folder on your computer’s desktop to save your electronic documents to make it easier to send everything to your Corrigan Krause tax professional. If you’r Read More >>

It’s that time of year again, tax time is here! Our goal is to take the headache out of the tax filing process - we're here to help you make tax time less taxing. Every year, we strive to provide you with the best experience possible, and we take necessary steps to make the process easier and smoother than the year prior. New this year, we are happy to offer our clients the choice of using SafeSend Returns™ technology. Forget the printers, pens, stamps, envelopes and scanners – take care of the delivery, review and signature of your federal and state tax returns from the convenience of your computer, smartphone or tablet!

Chris Eichmuller, CPA is a senior manager at Corrigan Krause.

In 2019, we learned about revolutionary new methods of cleaning and organizing our homes and workspaces. We here at Corrigan Krause do not recommend throwing away everything that does not spark joy – as that would likely make your 2020 tax season even more difficult than it needs to be! Here are a few more tips for making your 2020 tax return preparation smoother:

1. Find a home for your documents.

This could be

With another tax season in the books, we would like to take a moment to thank all of our clients, new and established, for your organization, your patience, your kindness and your continued support of Corrigan Krause.


It was another great season and we’d also like to thank our staff for working hard and a job well done. With continued law changes, there’s always a curveball, but with your support we manage it and push through.


We also need to make sure to thank our own families and r Read More >>

Chris Eichmuller shares how you can make tax time easier.

Are you ready? The time has come! We’ve been waiting to see what the government was going to do with our taxes for 2018, and then the end of 2017 and tax filing season snuck up on us! (Not really, that’s virtually impossible.)

So, what can you do to make this time less “taxing”?

  1. Gather all your tax documents as you receive them. Don’t forget to open envelopes, review the documents, and once you have everything together, send t

Robert O’Neil, CPA  explains the key changes to foreign income taxation under the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.”

The new tax law under the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” passed just before the end of the year, resulted in a lot of changes mostly taking effect as of 1/1/2018.  In addition to the many changed provisions that impact most US Taxpayers, there were also several key changes to foreign income taxation.  This article will focus on those changes that impact the small bu Read More >>

Laura Lee explains the importance of using a secure portal and gives instructions for using ours:

As CPAs, we are adaptable to serve the unique needs of our clients. CPAs are expected to be flawlessly organized, trustworthy, and responsible in resolving client issues, and equally so in handling sensitive client information. The extraordinary level of responsibility that comes with acting as stewards of our clients’ most sensitive information has made the use of secure


Lynda Doland, CPA gives a recap of the 2016-2017 tax season:



Well, we did it. We all made it through another “tax season!”  Thank you to all our clients, new and established, for your organization, your patience, your kindness and your continued support of Corrigan Krause. To our new Solon office clients, thank you especially for working with us during the transition to our second office location.

It was another great season despite various law Read More >>

Tax planning is an important part of personal finance, and everyone likes to save money! These tips from Chris Eichmuller, CPA can help you do just that:



The holiday season is upon us. So many people to see, cards to address, and so much food to eat. What a joyous- and hectic- time! One item that could be addressed before all the fun and excitement of last-minute gift wrapping is how can you prepare for, and save on, your individual taxes.

Here are just a few ideas to c Read More >>