The Importance of Vendor Relationships for Manufacturers

Sal Caroniti, CPA is the Chief Operating Officer at Corrigan Krause.

A vendor provides goods and services that are critical to your business. Regardless of the size or function of your organization, vendors can save your company money and time as well as decrease any unforeseen complications that may arise. As vendors are an essential piece of an organization, it is important to cultivate strong relationships. Vendor management is the process of overseeing the entire vendor relationship throughout every aspect of operation from acquisition to the delivery of goods and services. A good purchasing manager oversees these relationships and creates a management plan to establish guidelines, due dates and mutually agreed upon goals. Relationship management is a growing focus for purchasing personnel and is integral to the success of a business.

In manufacturing, the vendor and manufacturer are two key entities in the supply chain cycle. An optimistic vendor relationship ensures that the vendor and manufacturer are making mutual decisions, distributing risk and optimizing profit for both entities.  This results in a positive and healthy supply chain. Several factors that elevate vendor relationships in manufacturing are the production of an effective, high quality product, reduced lead-times and providing a product or service at the optimum or lowest cost.  In the manufacturing process, an organization should be selective when choosing the right vendor and exercise due diligence by integrating them in their appropriate step or level of production. A transparent and trustworthy relationship is built through effective communication, efficient practices and sharing of company expectations, policies, product specifications and manufacturing processes. A positive relationship could also create opportunities to save your company money through long term agreements and repeat orders. Once this has been established, a purchasing manager can negotiate incentives, such as favorable rates, volume discounts and fair terms in order to increase profit margin.

A positive relationship is a win-win situation for both vendors and manufacturers. It also creates happy and motivated vendors who are more inclined to partner with you for the long term. Ultimately, they want to feel valued as a fundamental asset to your business and an important conduit for overall success.

Sal Caroniti has 22 years of experience within the manufacturing industry before joining Corrigan Krause. For more information on the benefits of manufacturer and vendor relationships, please contact Sal.