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Thursday 01/17/2019

Unique Challenges Manufacturers Have and Combating Those Challenges

Sal Caroniti is the Chief Operating Officer at Corrigan Krause. Regardless of the specific industry within the manufacturing sector, today’s companies face a variety of challenges ranging from employment issues, international competition and margin compression due to pressures placed on them from their customers. With the national and State of Ohio unemployment rates being 3.9% […]

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Thursday 12/27/2018

Manufacturing Costs: Is the price of the product right?

Akta Parikh, CPA, CA is a senior associate at Corrigan Krause.  The most important decision after deciding when, where and what to sell, is at what price. It is common for manufactures to achieve strong top-line sales and still have a loss or less than desirable profits. Today we will focus on product costing aspect. […]

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Thursday 11/15/2018

Manufacturers: Ways To Improve Cash Flow

Brian Weisbarth, CPA, CFE is a senior manager at Corrigan Krause.  With interest rates continually on the rise, borrowed funds are becoming more expensive for businesses.  Being able to improve internal cash flow can help a manufacturing company reduce its need for borrowed funds. Here are a few ideas to help improve cash flow: Sell […]

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Thursday 10/04/2018

Need Machinery, Equipment, Or A New Roof Before Year-End? Write It OFF!

Pat Lang is a senior associate at Corrigan Krause. Accelerated depreciation is a tax strategy that businesses have been utilizing for quite some time.  There are two types of accelerated depreciation: Section 179 Depreciation and standard Bonus Depreciation.  A huge advantage of accelerated depreciation to business owners: the full cost of the purchase may be […]

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