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Wednesday 02/10/2021

How a Donor Advised Fund Could Benefit Your Nonprofit

Charitable giving is appreciated at every level. Any time an individual gives, no matter the amount, it is a precious gift. Some donors may be in a position to give to a nonprofit they are passionate about. In this case, a donor advised fund (DAF) might be an effective way to maximize their gifts. Donor […]

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Tuesday 02/09/2021

Donor Thank You Cards: What Requirements Non-Profits Need to Remember

Sending a thank you note after receiving a charitable gift to your nonprofit seems like a simple, but polite, way to recognize a donor. In reality, this acknowledgement is an extremely important piece of the donor/nonprofit relationship. More Than Thank You A thank you note is truly more than just a thank you. The IRS […]

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Wednesday 12/04/2019

Transitional and Miscellaneous Considerations for the New Lease Standard

Looking at Leases with Molly Stinn: A Six-Part Series Molly Stinn, CPA, is an Equity Director at the firm. The new lease standard presents sweeping changes in the way we think about and record leases in our financial statements. Previous blog posts have discussed elements of the new standards specifically. Understanding the impact of the […]

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